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03 July
About Yeti

DKP System


How You Earn DKP

DKP will be earned at the beginning of the raid and every hour.

Every DKP hit following the initial dump is subject to Progression bonuses.  If the guild has attempted a deemed Progression fight by the officers at any time during that raid segment, members will receive a Progression DKP bonus.  This is to encourage attendance for Progression content.

Additional DKP bonuses may be awarded to the raid members at the discretion of the officers. This additional DKP awarded may be for events such as big 1st time kills or other special events.

How you spend DKP

Now that you know how to earn DKP, let's talk about how you can spend it.

We operate with a single blind bid system.  The minimum bid will be 10 DKP, unless otherwise specified.  The maximum bid for members and recruits is as much DKP as they have.  The maximum bid for Alts is capped at 20. The bidding tiers are: Members > Recruits > Alts.  All ties are broken by 30-Day RA.  If still tied, then broken by 60-day RA.  If still tied, the officers will likely call for a battle to the death, winner takes all.


An officer will call out in our raid loot channel, for example: “Taking Bids - Minimum Bid of 10 DKP”.  This opens the bids and members would then send a tell to that officer with the amount they would like to bid AND their rank (Member, Recruit, Alt).  The officer will call out a 2nd Call, and a Last Call, prior to closing bids and announcing the winner.

The loot will be rewarded in a tiered system: Members > Recruits > Alts.  If a member bids less than a recruit, but more than all the other members, they will win the item over the recruit.  Additionally, if a recruit bids less than an alt, but more than all the other recruits, they will win the item over the alt.

There is no mitigation of bids in this system.  The amount you bid for an item is the amount you will pay if you win.  In the event of more than 1 of an item dropping, we will bid all of them at the same time.

Example of bid

The officer in charge of loot will link the item being bid on as well as First, Second, and Last call to place your bids. Example:

Liddan tells the raid, “BIDS - Minimum Bid of X DKP"
Liddan tells the raid, “BIDS - Minimum Bid of X DKP - 2nd CALL"
Liddan tells the raid, “BIDS - Minimum Bid of X DKP - LAST CALL"
Liddan tells the raid, “BIDS - Minimum Bid of X DKP - CLOSED"

Once bids are closed, no new bids will be accepted.

Members who are interested in bidding will send that officer a tell with their bid and rank (eg. Member, Recruit, Alt).  Recruits will only be awarded items if no full members have placed a bid.  Alts will only win loot if no full members or recruits have bid on loot.  Mains spend DKP for their alts, and the raid will not hold up or slow down for an alt to come loot an item.

Bidding more than your DKP could incur a DKP penalty at officer discretion. You can not go negative DKP on an item unless no one else bids on the item.

Example of a bid:

/t Liddan 40 - Member

/t Liddan 12 - Recruit

/t Liddan 20 - Alt (Alt's Name)

Mains will be spending their own DKP for their alts and the raid will not hold up or slow down for an alt to come loot an item.

DKP Decay

The final component of this system is called DKP decay. This is put in place to encourage DKP spending and prevent hoarding of DKP.  This also allows for new members to join without too many members holding onto a massive stockpile of DKP.  Every month, everyone’s DKP will decay by 15%.

Special Loot Exceptions

In certain cases, the officers will restrict items that have a disproportionate boost to certain classes over others in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our raid force.  In return for these class protections, the minimum bid on these items will be increased to 25 DKP.  These items will ALWAYS be listed here in the DKP system.

Special Loot Exceptions:

Blade of Carnage - Limited to warriors

Improved Heal 3 items - Limited to Priests

Improved Damage 3 items - Limited to Wizards and Mages

41% Haste Items - Limited to Melee Classes

03 July
About Yeti

Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

In , we aim to foster a positive and collaborative guild environment.  As such, we have a basic code of conduct by which we expect all of our members to live by while wearing the tag.  Remember, you represent the entire guild with your actions, not just yourself.


Respect your guildmates.

Do not cause drama in guild chat, public or private channels, or on forums. All issues should be directed to officers.


OOC / forum smack talk is prohibited. Keep it classy.


We operate under the play nice policy. Under no circumstances should you intentionally train or grief a raid, group, or player.


Remain /role at all times.  Usage of /anon is not allowed.  If you are hiding your whereabouts from guildmates, there is a good chance you are doing something you shouldn't be.


Disregard for this code will be met with disciplinary action.  Depending on the severity and frequency of the infraction, members could be subject to any of the following, but additional penalties may be used at the officer’s discretion:

  • Verbal warning
  • DKP penalties
  • Demotion within the guild
  • Removal from the guild
02 July
About Yeti



We are

We are the mythical creatures that walk among the ordinary.  We are those that defy the odds, challenge what is known, and triumph in the face of annihilation.  Alone and wandering, we are not.  We are together, we are one, and a path has been laid before us.  The mountain ahead stands ominous and tall, but take solace, my friends, in knowing that it has been scaled before.  A light snow is now falling, and we have miles yet to go.  Do not fret as the sun sets behind us, for a fire is burning in the hearth ahead. And now you must trust that we will arrive there together in safety, before the darkness falls around us.

was formed to rekindle the feelings guilds used to have.  Intense camaraderie, selflessness, positivity, collaboration, friendship, and that small town “everyone knows everyone” sort of feeling.  Each year that goes by, it seems that these feelings are harder and harder to capture online.  So what have we done to change this?  Well, we have a theory.


Everyone’s busy.  We don’t spend as much time in game as we used to.  This makes it by default harder to form relationships with people because you spend less time with them.  Enter:  Slack.  Slack is a real time messaging app that works well on mobile devices.  Slack is Yeti’s replacement for forums, which are best described as bloated monstrosities that becomes difficult and cumbersome to navigate and maintain.  Not to mention, forum usage by guild members over the past 10 years has taken a nosedive.  Perhaps because we are all so busy and forums are nearly unusable on mobile devices?

Winding down at work and want to get some exp when you get home?  Pop in to slack on your phone and post in #lfg.  Need some help on an epic fight, and don’t want to beg people for help for the next 3 hours in game?  Pop into the #raids_helprequest channel and ask for help hours in advance!  Got a few minutes between meetings and want to see what’s going on with the guild?  Join #_guildchat and say hi!

These are just a few of the uses and benefits of Slack.  We think that the combination of the accessibility and familiarity with the instant messaging style format will be a huge boon to our community.  Let’s face it, this is how people communicate these days, let’s embrace it!


Our #1 goal is to cultivate a positive community.  In order to do this, we have a zero tolerance policy on harassment and toxicity.  Toxicity may present itself in many forms, and to list the ways would be futile.  We know it when we see it, and it will not be accepted.


is a raiding guild, without question.  However, we are a guild that facilitates a balance between our goals in game, and our real life responsibilities.  As such, we have limited ourselves to 3 raiding days per week at a maximum.  These raids will be on a set schedule.

We view ourselves as a small(ish) nimble raiding guild, that prides itself on extremely high execution.  The definition of doing more with less.  We want to compete on current content with a limited schedule.  For this to work, we must be focused, efficient, driven and bold in our execution and approach to raiding.  We will fail, but we will learn from our mistakes and come back stronger with a renewed ferocity.

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